Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rise Up by Illustrated Faith

I have to tell you, when I receive this colorful little package in the mail, I get SO excited!  Why?  Because I know it's full of amazing tools to encourage me and help me to be inspired in my time in the Word of God!!  I'm always eager to get it opened and see what colorful, inspiring things await!!!

I think this month's kit, Rise Up, was written just for me!  It challenges me to do just that, RISE UP!

The Rise Up Kit includes a plastic pouch for holding the rest of the supplies.  I just love the colors!!

I just love the mountains, the water, the summery colors!!


Also included in this kit you will find:
1 Devotional Book
1 Clear Stamp Collection
1 Roll of Washi Tape
1 Sheet of Cut-out Paper Pieces
1 Magnetic Bookmark
2 Cardstock Sticker Sheets
3 Tip-ins (These are like bookmarks)
1 Thank You Card from Shanna

One thing I find extra special with this kit is that there is so much you can do with it!  The clear stamp collection is probably my favorite piece in this kit.  It could be used in my Bible journaling as well as any other art projects I might be doing.

The washi tape is a great reminder for me.  Be true...true to myself, true to the Lord.  Be true.   AND...speak life!  That's one of my favorite sayings.  An evangelist friend of mine uses that saying as the basis for her ministry!!

The cardstock stickers are so fun.  They are colorful and can be used anywhere.  The alphabet stickers are always usable and can also be used anywhere, including your Bible!

What I like about the Tip-ins is that they have lines for me to write on them.  One is for 'Hidden Blessings.'  One of them has space to write reminders how you were taken 'Out of Darkness' and another space for reminders of how you are now 'Into the Light.'  The last one has space for you to write 'Who You Are' in Jesus.

The Devotional Book with this kit is perfect!  Each devotion supports the 'Rise Up' theme.  There are 14 different devotions and each one is timely and inspiring.

The topics are:
Uncontained; I Object; Speak Life (one of my favs); Battle-Scarred; Battle Cry; Untitled; To Thin Own Self; Drowned Rats & Bruised Egos (can't wait to do this one!); The Struggle Bus;  Quietly Hope; Hold the Rope; Undignified; The Jesus Factory and Rise in the Word.

                       Finally, we have the thank you card from Shanna.

This is one of my favorite kits from Dayspring!!  You will not be disappointed when you receive yours!!  To purchase your new Rise Up Kit just click the banner below.

 Dayspring isn't just about their Bible Journaling Kits.  Oh, they have so much more to offer.  To check out their Illustrated Faith kits, just click HERE.  To see all their amazing products, just click HERE.

Well, it's time for me to do some creative journaling!  Have a blessed day,
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Better late than not at all...

Have you ever heard the phrase, "a day late and a dollar short?"  I feel like that's me lately!  Recently I was out of town on a Friday and Saturday, home Sunday, then gone again Monday through Wednesday.  Talk about crazy!  I don't know how people who travel on a regular basis for work do it.  It wore me slick.  I've been home for a week now and I'm just getting to where I feel almost back to normal.

While I was out of town, guess what arrived in my mailbox?  It was my new "Illustrated Faith" kit!  Talk about excited when I saw the package laying there on the table!  Due to my crazy schedule, I wasn't able to open it until 2 days later!

I attempted to do an unpacking video to was a mess!  Lol!!  Not only am I late with this post, my video idea didn't work.  But all that's water under the bridge.  I've still got the ability to take pictures and post them here.  So, that's just what I did.  

Look at these wonderful items:  

1.  Here is the zipper bag that you can keep all the goodies in.  It's so neat.  The zipper on the bag is a bright yellow!  You sure won't lose this bag!! 

2.  Look at these stickers!  Aren't they just the most adorable things!!  I love the bright, summery colors.

3.  Next, we have the washy tape, magnetic book mark and calling card with a note on the back from Shanna.  There are hearts and pencils on the washy tape and inside each pencil are words of affirmation.

4.  This is my favorite piece of this new kit...the stamps!  But then, I think I'm partial to the stamps in every kit!  😊  On this particular set of stamps, I like the closed eyes best!  Why? Because they remind me that we need to rest!  In this world, we can easily get caught up in the 90-mph whirlwind that is life!  All too often we fail to take the time needed to rest and rejuvenate.  In Mark 6:31 NASB, Jesus said, "Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while."  Rest is important to our health and well-being! 

5.  The next piece we have is the bookmarks.  I just love these.  One of them says "How I Rest Best."  And then there are lines where you can write reminders to yourself as to where you find your rest.  Another one says "Lightning Bolt Verses!"  Oh, this is amazing.  We all have those verses that really hit us.  This bookmark is a place where you can list those verses.  It makes it easier to go back to when you need something specific from the Lord!  It's also a great witnessing tool.  The 3rd bookmark has 1 Peter 4:10 ESV on it.  

6.  The final piece of this kit is the cardstock cards.  You cut these out and stick them any place you like.  They can be used as bookmarks.  They can be put in your kids' lunch box as reminders.  There are so many things you can do with them.  And, there is a note to you from the writer of this kit, Elaine Davis.  Ms. Davis, a paper crafter and graphic designer for Illustrated Faith, describes herself as a list-maker, bookworm, dreamer, and professional at making it up as she goes.  

"In Doodles to Live By, I wanted to fill the pages with all sorts
of things that enrich our souls.  As you work through each day,
you’ll explore some blessings I’ve found to be super healing,
enriching and restorative." - Elaine Davis.

I hope you are as impressed with this new kit as I am!!  It's truly an amazing kit.  It's really an opportunity to tell your own story.  I've never really 'told' my own story.  I'm very excited to dive into the devotional.  

All you have to do to pick up your own kit is click on the banner below.  Once there, you can order this kit and also shop around to order anything else from!  

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