Thursday, February 16, 2017's a great way to study the Word!!

Look at these beauties!  They are new from DaySpring and I just love them!  They are the perfect place to store all your journaling materials!!

The Organization Bag (the bigger one) is so nice...and big!  There is an ID tag on the outside that you can use to make sure everyone knows it's yours!  The smaller 'Kangaroo Pouch' is adorable!

On the back of the Organization Bag is a full size snap pocket where you can put all your papers!  On the back side of the Kangaroo Pouch is an elastic strap that you can use to attach it to your Bible.  What a great way to keep all your journaling pen/pencils, etc handy!!

Inside the Organization Bag, which zips open on both sides allowing the bag to open completely so you can view all your contents, you'll find 2 zippered pockets to hold all your small items.  You'll also find 2 mesh pockets to hold larger items.  Both bags are fully lined!

The bag/pouch are absolutely adorable.  They will be available for purchase on February 20th from  The organization bag & kangaroo pouch  the bag/pouch will be available the for purchase on February 20th!  The new 'Free to Flourish kit' will be available later in the month!  For more info just click this link:  Illustrated Faith - Organization Bag & Kangaroo Pouch Set.  

I know you'll enjoy these wonderful tools as much as I do!!  Have a great day!

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Friday, January 20, 2017


I got it...finally!  I am so excited.  I've been interested in Bible journaling for a while now and am finally dipping my toes in the water?  I have partnered with DaySpring, Illustrated Faith and {in}courage on this journey.  And, today I received my first kit to review!  This kit will be a great way to help me get started with journaling.  The kit comes with a devotional booklet; 3 sheets of stickers; 1 roll of washy tape; 3 bookmarks; 1 magnetic bookmark and a zippered pouch to hold it all.

I love the little devotional booklet.  The devotions are short, 1 small page, which helps to fit in to my busy schedule.  I am more apt to do a mid-day devotion if it's a short one that can be completed and not carried over to another time.  

I have several who journal and they constantly tell me how great it is.  I think, perhaps, I've been putting it off because I was afraid it would consume too much of my time.  I, like many of you, am so busy I meet myself coming and going.  I rarely have an empty day on my calendar.  Seriously, if you looked at my calendar you would probably think I was crazy.  It is literally FULL!!  

This journaling thing might not be as time consuming as I thought it would.  I can't believe it took me so long!  This amazing journaling kit is available for purchase on January 24, 2017.

Have a great day,
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